P to P approved – The Magnolia Room


Finding a good beautician is something of a black art and if you’ve recently relocated, like me, one of those tasks that can just take forever. One place you won’t click with the technicians, the next will have those horribly rickety treatment tables and finally there’s the dreaded didn’t listen to how natural you like to keep your eyebrows and now you’re left with a pencil thin line. Although in the age of Cara Delevingne the latter is proving less of a problem.

Well if you want to hit lucky with a friendly, plushly decorated and reasonably priced salon and you happen to like me live in South West London I can wholeheartedly recommend ‘The Magnolia Room’ on the Lower Richmond road.

I went in last Friday to sort out my eyebrows, as they’d started to show a more united front than the Labour party.

I was initially impressed by how easy it was to book. Simple go on to their online system and select the treatment you want, who you want to see and then select from the list of times shown. You do have to pay a booking fee of 60p but is taken off your final treatment bill. No awkward phone calls, no ducking out of the office to book during opening hours, you get to book at home while enjoying a glass of wine.

Next is the Salon it’s self, they say a picture says a thousand words so judge for yourself.

DSC_08261For me, it was lovely a large treatment room with a proper sturdy treatment bed that could be lowered to account for the fact that I wasn’t blessed with the legs of a supermodel. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing and Julie, who did a lovely job on my eyebrows, was chatty without being overbearing.

I will defiantly be back and think you should give it a go too. 


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