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Beauty and the book birthday


Have you ever been to a book birthday? No, well me neither. That was until last Thursday I attended the ‘Book Launch’ or, as Karen Davies (Haper Design) rightly points out, the ‘Book Birthday’ for “The Beauty and the Beast”, after all it is a 277 year old text.

Your probably wondering why we were celebrating now, 277 does seem a rather arbitrary year to mark. Well you wouldn’t be wrong in guessing that it was in part, if more by happy coincidence than design, to the release of the new live action version “Beauty and the Beast”.  This book is no movie tie in, it is the original story which is, like they so often are, markedly different to its big screen counterpart.

This book is the third reimaging or re-illustrating, I can’t quite decide which it falls under, of a classic tale by House of Minalima, the creative geniuses behind the props and graphics on the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” films. Miraphora and Eduardo have created a beautifully rich and immersive piece of work with interactive elements that remind me of the books that I adored as a child with doors to open, wheels to turn and tabs to pull. This is less like owning a book and more like owning a piece of art. I’ve actively chosen not to show any internal images of the book as I really feel that this would ruin the surprise of reading it for yourself but trust me when I say after the cover it only gets better.

My highlights were;

  • Learning that the Minalima design process starts with research, sounds like my kind of job so guys if you reading this and need an extra pair of hands I’m free on weekends.
  • Meeting Miraphora and Eduardo
  • And learning that we really do judge books by their covers which is why there are design awards dedicated to them and that a new books cover could be decided up to 12 months before it’s published.

To find out more about ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ and Minalima’s other 2 titles “Peter Pan” and “The Jungle book” at